Workshops 2018

Friday, 9th of March




An Introduction to Exponential Technologies

this workshop aims to point out how Exponential Technologies (as Blockchain, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence) are going to have an impact on our society as we know it and how they can be driven in the right direction, starting today.

An entrepreneur’s guide to Effective Networking

Since 2011 almost 400 participants on Ent-Ex, the Entrepreneurship Experience Programme, have interviewed more than 65 successful entrepreneurs to identify the skills which they believe have made them successful. Key amongst these is their ability to get maximum benefit from the networking events they attend.

Nestlè & Solvay
“Alliance for YOUth” workshop: 1-to-1 CV coaching

Experienced Recruiters from Nestlé and Solvay will provide 1-to-1 CV coaching to participants to help them fine-tune their storytelling during job interviews and discuss their career aspiration

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability

During the workshop participants will be introduced to Nestlé’s approach to Environmental Sustainability from a strategic perspective. It will be an opportunity to discuss the great challenges of the food sector in term of sustainability and to learn how the leading food manufacturing company address them. In a second part, participants will be given a concrete case study on which they will have to work in sub-groups and develop a corporate communication strategy. The workshop is aimed at developing skills in project management, corporate communication and knowledge on environmental sustainability strategy.

Innovation & Immersive Reality morning

Through this workshop, you will understand pro’s and con’s of Virtual/ Augmented Reality and see potential added-value for your business.

Decrypting Blockchain for Businesses

The workshop will be divided into 3 parts: Part 1: What Blockchain and how is it relevant Businesses? – Introduction to blockchain technology and how it impacts organizations; Part 2: Diving into Blockchain use-cases – Examples of some practical blockchain use-cases; Part 3: Hands-on blockchain business modeling – Imagine your own blockchain-based application (come with ideas of processes that would benefit from blockchain technology!)

ZSEM - Zagreb School of Economics & Management
How to optimize your processes, increasing the efficiency of your organization

The analysis and optimization of processes workshop is designed to capture and address different aspects of a business process, and increase awareness of optimization challenges faced in everyday business. By focusing primarily on the lean management, the short course provides a framework that can be used in any company or industry. Lean management focuses on waste elimination, shortening process duration, and improving overall efficiency inside an organization. Lean is focuses on process flow and muda (waste) elimination. Lean is characterized by less: less waste, less human effort, investment in automation, inventory and time devoted to implementation of new processes. This short course is very interactive, includes numerous practical solutions illustrating how lean led to continuous improvements (kaizen) and elimination of wastes (muda). Various tools and methods will be presented including value stream mapping, PDCA cycle, fishbone diagram, Kaizen cycle, six sigma, lean six sigma, capacity index, etc. This short course will also illustrate results of a practical lean implementation inside different companies. The last segment of the course emphasizes interdependence of people, processes, and purpose, i.e. the importance of establishing a corresponding corporate culture. Standard methodological/didactical approaches will be utilized, including discussions, videos, group wok, presentations, problem solving, simulations (LEGO game), etc.

International Business Game

Agorize is an open innovation web platform that helps students to get spotted by companies, by using innovation challenges rather than the usual combo CV + cover letter. Thanks to our online competitions, the company will know how you work in team, how much you are able to be creative and how you’re facing a company problematic. Here are the challenges you will get the opportunity to participate in: – Industry 4.0 : Imagine new solutions around tomorrow’s industry! – Schneider Electric : Innovate in Energy and Power Distribution! – Innogy : Rethink and optimise the energy management of tomorrow! – Vinci : Imagine tomorrow’s construction industry!

Startup Factory
Startup / Build, Measure and Learn

Learn what it means to run lean

MAD Kings
How Growth Marketing redefines Digital Marketing.

Discover the methodology and techniques behind the success of companies such as Dropbox and Airbnb.Then apply them to your business with a powerful ideation tool: Growth Marketing Canvas. Thanks to this workshop, you will be better equipped to develop a strategy of acquisition and retention for rapid growth.

Saturday, 10th of March


Serge Pegoff
How to build your resilience in times of change?

“People who are resilient work smarter and can successfully negotiate the inevitable changes that are the one certainty of life.” Changing work practices, new technology and the fast paced demands of our everyday lives means that we are all under pressure and it can be challenging to experience sustained stress. Ensuring resilience means promoting positive outlook, protection from stress and better performance for the whole organization. Some of us naturally have in-built resilience, some do not. The good news is that resilience can be taught, as you will experience during this highly interactive workshop. You will also get your own personal resilience profile (based on 20 years of research and 120 scientific papers) to know where you should precisely focus to improve your own resilience. And you will have access to a refresher after 3 month with videos from the creator of this resilience approach.

Junior ISEP
Create your commercial development and increase of 37% your turnover!

The workshop will be the best practice of Junior ISEP to create it commercial offer, how to canvass clients and customer relationships.


Digital tools to enhance J.E.’s performance in 2018

The aim of the workshop is to help JEs to optimize their use of digital tools in their processes and projects, improving their quality and facilitate their management.

A successful recruitment and training process

This workshop describes our well-established recruitment process along with a semester-long training strategy for recruits. It includes many best practices acquired within the years.

JEME Bocconi
The importance of negotiations: learn how to sell your services.

Learning how to sell is not something obvious. And it’s not only related to the experience in the JE. Selling is one of the most critical skills in today’s business world and JEME has been studying and training on the topic with the help of professional coaches. We are delighted to share our knowledges with the network, in a workshop rich of activities, simulations and real life case studies.

Junior Enterprise Geneve
Knowledge Management is or should be a key process in every JE. Our organizations face high turnover rates and risks of knowledge and expertise loss. This workshop is an introduction to Knowledge Management and how an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), can help any JE better optimize their information systems. This workshop will present a theoretical definition of Knowledge Management and will be followed by a more practical and interactive session with the aim to help participants better integrate these processes in their JE. We will mainly focus on Podio but numerous ERP can be used to implement this kind of processes.
Company Consulting Team
Does the “general data protection plan” affect your JE? How to become compliant while using Open-Source-Software.

Discover the changes connected to the new General Data Protection Regulation, which will become official from 25th May 2018 on. Within this law, strict guidelines for the process of sensitive personal data are provided. In our workshop, we will evaluate different ways for using the outputs of this law to provide solutions to clients, but also how to handle the mandatory changes in the JE’s internal processes.

LSM Counseil
How to use your community to leverage business opportunities?

Junior-Enterprise can leverage countless business opportunities by having a better engagement of their stakeholders. However, it’s not an easy task to identify the best engagement techniques. Our workshop aims to share LSM Conseil’s expertise in the field and, through a collaborative approach, to make the participants share their own best practices. Because together, we grow.

JADE Switzerland
Leverage the power of digital for your Junior Enterprise using JuniorConnect & other tips!

We live in the era of digitalization, today the Junior Enterprise movement has the opportunity to get the benefits from digital technologies & growth hacking techniques. We will present the tools to ensure growth in your Junior Enterprise and the opportunities to take advantage of the network.

Diana Florea
Enlarge’ your horizons: leave your mark through creating Junior Enterprises.

The aim of the workshop is to discover another fantastic opportunity that we, as Junior Entrepreneurs, have within our Junior Enterprises: the ability to empower other students to open their Junior Enterprises, experiencing your role as founder, mentor and business advisor. Our horizons are not limited within our Junior Enterprise, but there are expanding even further. Register and discover the strategic approaches of enlargement and the benefits for your Junior Enterprise in sharing your experiences and spreading our global network.

Main Processes: structure your JE in a result-oriented way.

This workshop will allow you to think about the structure of you JE, based on the model defined by the French Confederation of Junior Enterprises. You will see how you can organize your activity around well-defined process in order to optimize your work.

Benjamin Hermer
Learn how to define, implement and monitor a strategy for your JE.

The workshop aims to help your JE to define a strategy, and moreover, to implement it and monitor it. Defining a strategy means giving your organization a direction: if you don’t know where to go, you can’t reach anywhere. But most importantly, a strategy needs to be implemented. Once you defined the ending point of your travel, you need to take the right roads. And that’s the implementation part. During the trip, and at the end of it, your JE also needs to know if you are proceeding in the right direction: and that’s the monitoring part. Benjamin Hermer, former Project Manager at JADE and International Manager of CNJE, is today a Manager at KPMG expert in strategy implementation.

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