Workshops 2016

How does it work?

There are two workshop sessions of three hours and a half (including coffee break), on Friday;
On Saturday there is a workshop session of three hours and the Plenary Session.

The selection of workshops for JSM 16:
Workshop Session 1

How to navigate the startup funding landscape successfully?
Prof. Sophie Manigart (Vlerick Business School)

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Business modeling – from Startups to large corporations
Dr. Christian Schwarzkopf (SugarTrends)

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How to get what you want – a Negotiation Boot Camp
JADE Academy (Viktoria Undesser & Stefan Schmidt)

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Wearables in the industrial context – Digitalisation and New Business Models
Manuel J. Kripp

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Smart profit growth through pricing – how to optimize the number one profit driver
Dr. Klaus Hilleke – CEO of Simon-Kucher & Partners

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Launch Uber operations in an imaginary city

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Sustainable development and breakthrough innovation: up for the challenge?
Stefan Koch and Angelina Prokofyeva – Covestro

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Rocketing Your Ideas Into Enterprise
Monique Blokzyl

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Developing a digital startup


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Workshop Session 2

Must learn: Hack your personal productivity and get more done in less
Elles te Riet

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A Lean Startup Approach to Setting Up Your Business
Prof. Miguel Meuleman (Vlerick Business School)

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LEADING WITH WORDS-Matching communication and leadership
Yngve Angvik, Lara Paoletti, Tanisha Dadar (Think Young)

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Digitalisation and New Business Models in the mobility area
Manuel J. Kripp

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Your unique opportunity to EXPERIENCE the emerging 21st century agile organization
Serge Pegeoff

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Launch Uber operations in an imaginary city

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Developing a digital startup

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Multi-national events coordination and management

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Workshop Session 3

Project Management: One Ring To Rule Them All
Adriana Anchidin

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Consultant skills development: from internal quality development to commercial effectiveness. How do you organize and manage your JE to deliver value to your members and to your clients?
Benjamin Hermer

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Interview Situations – make them work for you!
Tanya Müller-Borges

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Conflict Management. Perspective and Perception
JADE Academy (Viktoria Undesser & Viktoria Mooshammer)

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The Art of the Deal: Sales Best Practices
LSM Conseil

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Marketing & Creativity
Daniel Llamazares

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How to negotiate in 8 points
Marketing Méditerranée

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Creating value for JEs through financial reporting
Loik Narby, President of JADE Switzerland

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Tools for the digital strategy

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