How does it work?

There are two workshop sessions of three hours and a half(including 30 minutes coffee break), on Friday;
On Saturday there is a workshop session of three hours and one of two hours.


Each session will have different workshops to choose from.

After registration you will receive an email notification with access to a platform approximately one week before the event. where you can choose the workshops you like. Please mind that you only select a workshop once. You cannot change the option afterwards.

The selection of workshops for JSM 15:


Bayer Innovation Lab


Stefan Koch

Title: From dark to sunrise. Value creation for people in developing countries
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Partner workshop sessions


David Webber

Title: Are you leaderfit? What do ‘headhunters’ look for and the new dynamics of the 21st century workforce.
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Andras Baneth

Andras Baneth Public Affaris & Strategic Communication
Title: Make it Stick: Communicate with Impact
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Patrik Kovács

Title: Think Global, Act Global – Keys of entrepreneurial success
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Allen Dixon

Ideas Matter
Title: Using Intellectual Property as Business Assets: The Family Jewels or a Ticking Timebomb?
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Gordana Nikolic

PAR University
Title: UNetworking: Key for a successful business start
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Fabrizio Colimberti

Cambre Associates
Title: Using social media for professional uses
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Dave Deruytter

ING Bank
Title: Start Your Own Business – Freedom of choice and action of an entrepreneur versus the golden cage of a knowledge worker or manager job in a company
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Janos Vecsenyi

European Forum for Entrepreneurship research
Title: New venture team formation by clarifying goals, roles and responsibilities, milestones and processes and interpersonal relationship
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Benjamin Hermer

Consultant in management, former JEur
Title: Secure your international initiatives, how to collaborate with others?
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Title: Consultant skills development : from internal quality development to commercial effectiveness. How to develop a client focus approach?
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Alasdair White

Title: You’re going to do what? … Ohh, that’s risky! … Or is it?
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Serge Pegeoff

JADE’s external coach
Title: Start-ups are confronted to challenges as complex as the ones confronting larger companies.
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Simone Pastorino

Title: Internationalisation in Eastern European countries
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Dennis z.s. Tan

Title: Opportunity Perception: Crucial knowledge to take the leap & identifying opportunities
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Maria Logotheti

Olga Klinger
Title: Remember how your mother told you not to talk to strangers? Forget it!
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Alan price, Laura Grandy, Mathieu Proust, Florian Jensen, Daniel Byrne

Title: Uber – Start Me Up – Leading innovation
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Junior Enterprise workshop sessions


George Stefan Margas

Business Organization for Students
JADE Romania
Title: Building High-Performing Teams
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Hannah Scales

ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil
Title: How to get clients on- board
[AnythingPopup id=”29″]

Caio Swan

Fluxo Consulting
Brasil Júnior
Title: Six Steps for a Successful Crisis Management
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Jonas Hampl

icons – consulting by students Innsbruck
JADE Austria
Title: Assessing like a JEnius: How to use Assessment- Centers for your JE
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Joanna Lewenda

ConQuest Consulting
JADE Poland
Title: Business Model Canvas – an innovative way of building business models
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Silvia Galetti

JADE Italia
Title: Project Management Business Game
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Mohammed Rahman

Title: Pricing Strategy & Cash Flow Forecasting for JEs
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Anaïs Guesne

Laura Aymerich
Marketing Méditerranée
Title: What are the creative dynamics in our society ?

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Elie Melviez

SBS-Student Consulting Club
JADE Belgium
Title: Project development: How to go from paper to reality!
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Special workshop sessions


Adriana Anchidin

JADE Executive Board 2014
Title: Join JADE and don’t miss your entrance to an international career!

Title: Visit JADE HQ

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