Excellence Awards 2016 Winners

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”.

Together, 6 teams of Junior Entrepreneurs showed off their hard worked results as the best there is at the moment in the Junior Enterprise movement in Europe.

Why are the Excellence Awards important? Because at international level, excellence has many faces, many colors, and it symbolizes change, the kind of change that is powered by embracing differences, searching for innovative solutions beyond borders, and making a statement about collaboration and integration. It’s about showing the strengths of a developing ecosystem, it’s about the future.

In 2016 we are proud to see very Member of JADE participating in the Excellence Awards. After tens of applications to just 6 categories, the finalists arrived in Brussels for JADE Spring Meeting and did not disappoint. Here is the list of this year’s greatest:


Junior Enterprise of the Year: ESCadrille 


JSM16_ESCADRILLE_003About the JE: Over nearly forty years, the freshness and youth of ESCadrille have served not only entrepreneurs but also SMEs and big multinationals. Thirty dedicated students help our clients improve their performance and reach their goals. We provide them market and webmarketing studies, communication plans, satisfaction surveys and business plans. ESCadrille is ISO9001 certified, achieves a customer satisfaction rate of 96% and carries out 40 studies per year.
Besides that professionalism, ESCadrille managed to build up an incredible team spirit and a family of 500 Alumni.The Award for the Junior Enterprise of the Year comes from JADE and all the partners involved.

Why are you THE ONE? This year, we tried to convert our motivation and dedication into clear projects and goals. And in the end, all our indicators were green. We had a better turnover, we carried out amazing surveys for incredible customers and we developed many internal projects. We are now focusing on our international, green and digitalized future.

The award for the JE of the Year was given by all the members of the Jury.

The Most Promising JE: LisbonPH 

foto equipa tomada posseAbout the JE: LisbonPH – Junior Association for Entrepreneurship of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon started in January 2013, when a group of students with a common vision teamed up to bring forth the health professional of the future, entrepreneur, creative and multidisciplinary. There were complicated times for the pharmaceutical profession, where access to the labour market by the new masters’ was heavily hampered by the economic condition of the country. This group of students was aware of the difficulty to change the economic situation however it was possible to train students in an increasingly complete and versatile way, therefore becoming a huge asset to any employer. Thereby, it was considered that the existence of a pro-active student corporation with a strong connection to their own education establishment would generate a favourable environment to the creation of a structure dedicated to junior entrepreneurship. LisbonPH officially establishes and approves its statutes on December 23rd of 2013. Currently, all 35 members of LisbonPH are students from the 2nd until the 4th year of the MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences of FFULisboa.

Why are you THE ONE? This award recognizes the work of over 80 people who have contributed greatly to the success of LisbonPH. Because “You can design, create and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality (W.Disney)”. Our aims is to continue to work hard towards the growth of LisbonPH and all the Junior Enterprise’s Movement.

The Award for Most Promising Junior Enterprise was given by EIIL.

The Most Entrepreneurial JE: JECatt

JECatt_TeamAbout the JE:  JECatt – Junior Enterprise Cattolica has two main missions: on one side, JECatt offers its members, excellent students of Università Cattolica di Milano, the possibility to put into practice what they learn during classes, developing their abilities and their personal skills. On the other hand, JECatt offers its clients innovative knowledge in the management consulting field, passion at its highest and the maximum of professionalism, to guarantee the success of each project.
All of this allows JECatt members to enhance their work experiences, strengthening hard and soft skills, to get in touch with a network of entrepreneurs and companies and eventually to gain awareness and self-confidence about their own careers.

Why are you THE ONE? ”Entrepreneurship” is not only the way we face new challenges but also the constant and tenacious research of them.
Entrepreneurship for JECatt means “to grow”. To grow day by day with all the new challenges that we’re going through. To grow with the people that you esteem and share all the troubles and all the satisfactions that a Junior Enterprise can give to us.
During 2015 we organized more than 15 trainings, involving entrepreneurs and professionals from different business fields. We joined several networks and entrepreneurship events. We cooperated with others Junior Enterprises to contribute in the growth of our Italian network. Most of all, we developed different kinds of new services, thanks to the different University courses represented in our JE, that permits us to range from Market analysis to Social Media Marketing, translations and so on, that demonstrates our flexibility and capacity of adaptation.

The Award for the most entrepreneurial Junior Enterprise comes from Monique Blozkyl.

The Most International JE: WBC UK

WBC3About the JE: WBC might be a Junior Enterprise for some people. However, for the individuals who fell in love with the Junior Enterprise concept will understand that it is more than a Junior enterprise. WBC becomes a life style with people you consider family once you are actively involved. It is a great environment to learn, gain experience and get exposure. The application of what is taught in university combined with what you can learn on the spot while working is an invaluable advantage. Besides, it is an honour and pleasure to represent the University of Westminster on a national and international level. Additionally, being at the basis of the enlargement for the JE concept in the UK, it gives an essence to our operations as we are trying to leave a legacy to the coming generations.

Why are you THE ONE? WBC is the first and oldest Junior Enterprise in the United Kingdom with substantial experience in our field and has been constantly increasing its intake for the past 3 years. We can now proudly say that the team is currently composed of 56 members, speaking 31 languages and proudly representing 27 nationalities. We have now 10 partnerships with similar student-run organisations spread across Europe, N&S America, Middle East and N Africa. Besides, WBC is currently in negotiation to expand its services by reaching out a partner university in Japan and use a satellite campus in Uzbekistan. In the past 6 months, WBC has received over 20 international business propositions from 10 different countries and 4 different continents. These international prospects include various types of organisations starting from start-ups, social enterprises, SMEs, large corporations as well as a governmental organisation. An international JE through its team, partners and projects.

The Award for the Most International Junior Enterprise comes from Microsoft.

The Most Innovative Project: JEToP

1270789_972917936073299_3002154344666426672_o About the JE: J.E.To.P. is one of the Junior Enterprise of the JADE network. Founded in 1995 within the Management Engineering course at the Polytechnic of Turin, the JE is presented as a bridge between the university and the professional world. The students which are part of it experience the “learning by doing” method, becoming one the teacher of the other in practical fields.
J.E.To.P. offers personalized services of a professional character in various fields, such as the development of websites and applications, SEO & SEM, branding and graphic design, B2B and B2C market analysis and social media management. Many companies have been working together with J.E.To.P. in different fields, such as Fiat, Capgemini, AMIAT and ACI. In addition to these services the Junior Enterprise organizes events, such as the nineteen editions of the career day “Career & Futuro” organized in the past, and the first Italian fair in the wearable field, WTT: Wearable Tech Torino.

Why are you THE ONE? WTT: Wearable Tech Turin is the first Italian exhibition exclusively dedicated to wearable technology. Forty-eight hours of exposition, talks and workshops on topics closely related to wearable technology, preceded by a hackathon dedicated to the creation of an original prototype in this area. The first edition was held in November 2015 at Turin Lingotto Fiere and had excellent results when you take into consideration that it was entirely conceived, managed and organized by university students. We are talking about 26 companies among which Dreamlux, INAIL and BEPS Engineering, 28 talks with speakers such as Fabien Castanier of STMicroelectronics and Marzio Riboldi, designer at Samsung. Furthermore, there were 6 workshops for all ages and experiences, run by managers of the Google Developer Group Torino and MVPs such as Marco Minerva. Lingotto Fiere hosted 6000 visitors and in the year 2016, a second and even more crowded and exciting edition is expected.

The Award for Most Innovative Project was given by Covestro.

The Most Social Responsible Project: Marketing Méditerranée


665037_297981066970177_442438419_oAbout the JE: For over 46 years, Marketing Mediterranée is among the most experienced and most dynamic Junior Consultants Enterprise in both the National and the European movement.
This success is largely due to the involvement of its members, generation after generation which has developed and strengthen the expertise of Marketing Méditerranée over the years.
Our legacy allows us to be a reliable partner in the eyes of our customers and to provide them customised services.
It is combining excellence and team spirit in service of a common ambition that we support our customers. It is also through our partnerships with the best European Junior Enterprises that we can today meet the needs of our clients across the continent.
Marketing Méditerranée was awarded 5 times Best French Junior Enterprise, and in March 2015 best European Junior Enterprise by E.Y, the UNIDO and Entex.
These awards recognise our expertise, our professionalism and excellence.

Why are you THE ONE? Our involvement in CSR activities is even more strong since 2008 with the creation of our brand : Marketing Méditerranée Environment. Our project was an amazing combination of challenges, enjoyment and a will to raise awareness among people. Indeed, we wanted to be an active stakeholder and put some figures on what people do, consume and use in our school by conducting a carbon footprint analysis project. The ultimate goal was to analyze carbon emissions and people habits in order to understand their behavior and formulate concrete recommendations. Thus, we have made the Carbon Footprint Analysis of our school throughout its 4 campuses in France that allowed us to reach more than 9000 persons. That was also a unique opportunity to compare the CSR performance of our different campuses in order to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

The Award for the Most Social Responsible Project comes from UNIDO.

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