Excellence Awards 2015 winners

EA winners

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. Together, 6 teams of Junior Entrepreneurs showed off their hard worked results as the best there is at the moment in the Junior Enterprise movement in Europe.

Why are the Excellence Awards important? Because at international level, excellence has many faces, many colors, and it symbolizes change, the kind of change that is powered by embracing differences, searching for innovative solutions beyond borders, and making a statement about collaboration and integration. It’s about showing the strengths of a developing ecosystem, it’s about the future.

In 2015 we are proud to see very Member of JADE participating in the Excellence Awards. After tens of applications to just 6 categories, the finalists arrived in Brussels for JADE Spring Meeting and did not disappoint. Here is the list of this year’s greatest:


Junior Enterprise of the Year: Marketing Méditerranée


DSC_0541What can you do with 9 motivated members? Become the Junior Enterprise of the Year of course! In 2014 alone,  Marketing Méditerranée (CNJE, France) managed to do 54 professional projects, change its marketing, sales and customer relationship management practices to increase efficiency and boost its turnover by 152%. It turned out that they took some very good decisions indeed, which enabled them to break the 500.000 euros turnover barrier. The JE managed to work with multinational corporations and subcontract on the same projects several other Junior Enterprises. This not only proves the flexibility of the network, but shows that results in an well integrated network exceed expectations. Biggest client in 2014: Microsoft (8 projects, 955 consultancy days in total, 5 subcontracted JEs).

The JE has a long history of achievements such as establishing a JE in Tunisia and  winning the prize for the Most Socially Responsible Junior Enterprise in 2014, but it was this year that they managed to have it all and take the trophy home by embracing change. JADE salutes change, as it is the constant indicator of proper motivation to exceed and innovate.

 The Award for the Junior Enterprise of the Year comes from JADE and all the partners involved.


The Most Promising JE: Junior ISIT


DSC_0367Outstanding growth, that’s what recommended Junior ISIT (CNJE, France) as the Most Promising JE of the Year in 2015. Founded in 2010, the Junior Enterprise clocked no less than 120.000 euros total turnover since its creation and founded a partnership with one of the most powerful JEs in France in their first year. With 4 fields of expertise (3 founded in 2013), they have already served clients such as ING, Renault or Ubisoft and ran 46 projects in 2014 alone. All of this in fields that are not that common in the network such as languages, international communication and media monitoring.

The Award for Most Promising Junior Enterprise was given by EIIL.


 The Most Entrepreneurial JE: JEME Bocconi


DSC_0325A great year for JEME Bocconi (JADE Italia) with disruptive results that showed the network the possibility to exceed traditional boundaries: this what recommended JEME Bocconi as The Most Entrepreneurial Junior Enterprise of the year. As standout achievements, JADE underlines the opening of JEME Bocconi Shanghai in 2014, that enables ’’cross-market projects between Italy and China” and the launch of book called Un’impresa da universitari – Storia della prima Junior Enterprise italiana, about Italian JEs and the movement. JEME also managed 15 external projects (1 focused on environmental conservation), 17 trainings (a total of 63 hours of training per member), 8 internal projects and 3 new services and products in addition to last year.

The Award for the most entrepreneurial Junior Enterprise comes from EY.


The Most International JE: WBC UK


DSC_0284Internationalization in JADE is a key factor to empower youth and we are very keen on promoting a responsible society that embraces differences and turns culture into an entrepreneurial advantage.

WBC UK is by far one of the Junior Enterprises that stand as an example for what multiculturalism means, with 15 nationalities represented among their members and partnerships across 4 continents.  Two of their main projects in 2014 brought them connections with Bangladesh and Uganda. In Bangladesh, WBC UK was involved with Grameen Bank in assisting local community to restore a warehouse that could fit 25 small shops of garments and local beverages, while In Uganda, the JE established connection with Caritas and The Vatican to help farmers shift over 20.000 tons of local seeds to the UK. Working with external organisations they played an important role in a value chain that is predicted to bring, on long term, millions of pounds in the local economies.

 The Award for the Most International Junior Enterprise comes from Microsoft.


The Most Innovative Project: SBS-Solvay Student Consulting Club


DSC_0213The 2011 founded Solvay Students CLUB (JADE Belgium) took last year an important step forward towards boosting their university’s reputation at international level. Wanting to strengthen the results of Solvay students in international business game competitions they came up with their own, student-led academy. The innovation part comes in the chain process that places the student from the classroom to another country, right in the middle of competition: by bringing Alumni together, constructing a solid relationship with their partners on trainings and professional analysis of all the stages implied, they managed to offer a 10.000 euros estimated of international experience for just 200 euros.

The Award for Most Innovative Project was given by Bayer.


The Most Social Responsible Project: JuniFEUP


DSC_0218The Award for Most Social Responsible Project went to JuniFEUP (JADE Portugal). As JADE is a professional network, we expect to see a lot of projects with impact, and we are really keen on maintaining the social sector as a focus area to show how JE developed skills can rise this type of awareness.

JuniFEUP did an excellent job on helping another student association (U.DREAM) re-imagine and create their website. The project was done for free and it took no less than 45 days of work. The Junior Enterprise accepted the project in order to help the organization continue their mission to help health impaired children to have a happier life in Portugal. The project also involved 4 permanent positions and they continued to assist the organization months after completion.

Junior Enterprises are normally quite stable and very business oriented. JuniFEUP managed to bring their stability into a non-profit environment with exceptional results, and this is why their project is the Most Social Responsible Project of the Year.


The Award for the Most Social Responsible Project comes from UNIDO.

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