Pitch Bootcamp in the JADE Spring Meeting 2016

Get to know Pitch Bootcamp: an amazing program to build an amazing career


The JADE Spring Meeting is focusing on Innovation and Entrepreneurial skills in the Digital Markets: the collaboration with Pitch Bootcamp falls therefore perfectly in the theme. But what is Pitch Bootcamp?
Pitch Bootcamp is a 2-day programme that joins students and recent-grads with great companies. During these 2 days, 40 youngsters meet 20 companies and capitalize their talent into building great careers. Pitch Bootcamp has already 45 editions between Portugal, Spain and Mozambique and Belarus and will be in more 15 other countries in 2016.


It has managed to create 1500+ jobs and empowered 5500+ youngsters by connecting them with great experienced professionals from different business areas. It is rapidly becoming the world’s most impactful career accelerator due to its model based on connecting youngsters with well established, experienced professionals.
During the 3 years in which Pitch Bootcamp has existed it has managed to connect participants with more than 650 companies (Microsoft, Google, Deloitte, KPMG, Redbull, Bosch, Ericsson, Cisco). It is an international programme that aims to contribute locally to young talent empowerment and connecting youngsters with great career aspirations with inspiring companies and professionals.
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The founder of Pitch Bootcamp, Miguel Gonçalves, will be delivering a speech sharing his experience and passion during the closing of the event: Mr Gonçalves has an academic background in Work, Organizational and Human Resource Psychology. He worked as a Consultant in High Tech projects until he took one year of sabbatical leave to travel the world and visit more than 25 countries. When he returned to Portugal in 2010, he founded Spark Agency, and has been developing several frameworks that are revolutionizing the interface between people and companies.
He is an invited lecturer of Leadership and Soft Skills in several Universities in Portugal. He is the speaker of the TEDx lecture in Portugal language with more views in the world (http://goo.gl/ukBZPo) where he presents a new approach for youth unemployment. He is a consultant for over than 200 companies, many of them multinational giants, specialized in recruitment, employer branding, organizational culture and HR.
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