Establishing an Efficient Communications Strategy

Trying to figure out a way to communicate effectively within your school anduniversity? Whether it be for recruiting or simply working on your brandimage, let GEM Junior Conseil – Winner of CNJE’s “Best CommunicationStrategy” Award – tell you about their unique double-faceted strategy, andmaybe give you a few tips and ideas of strategies to put in place in your JE.


Have you ever wanted to build your own robot, programme it and givecommands yourself? Then this workshop will let you do exactly that and giveyou the chance to get a hands-on experience in programming robots as well as gain valuable insight to the ever-growing industry of robotics.

How to Pitch to VCs

This workshop will cover what venture capital firms are looking for when backing early-stage companies and how to position yourself and your company most effectively to raise money. It also explains how venture capital term sheets work, so you know how to negotiate and how much of your company you are giving away.

Who Am I? Find It in a Team

In a multidisciplinary world, several people cross our path and contribute indifferent ways to our daily life. A lot of ways to think, decide and act is whatmakes us different and unique in a group and in a Junior Enterprise. in adynamic and interactive session we will explore more about different typesof personality and group dynamics and we invite to join us!

How to Go From Passion to Action

This is an interactive workshop aimed at any potential entrepreneurs interested in bringing their ideas to life and improving their selling/pitching skills. It covers different pitching strategies and frameworks, that will help you to sell your business and services to others.


The workshop will teach you the basics of Bloomberg, a very powerful website to gather financial information and therefore improve investment decision-making.


What Are They and Why Should You UseThemLearn how to create valuable personas that help you understand and relate to your users.

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