Get excited for three amazing days in Mainz!

The JE Autumn Conference (JEAC19) is an international Junior Enterprise event held annually, which convenes Junior Entrepreneurs from across Europe and this year it will be hosted in Mainz by berater e.V. from the 15th – 17th November. JEAC19 is a unique event whose aim is to continue to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship, connect Junior Entrepreneurs and accelerate their professional development. This action-packed weekend provides a unique platform for networking and knowledge sharing, that will help Junior Entrepreneurs to apply innovative thinking to generate new ideas and solve business challenges. This will be achieved through a series of informative workshops, networking events and speeches.

This year you will get the opportunity to stay in Mainz, one of the oldest cities in Germany.

Robots, autonomic cars and online-documents: Get ready to get in touch with the future world of business!


What can we expect from the future? How will work for the modern industry be? Get the opportunity to visit our workshops to learn about ideas already in the making. 


People from 14 European countries are coming together this year for the  Junior Enterprises Autumn Conference. Come visit Mainz for a weekend of fun!

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