JADE Autumn Conference 16th - 18th November

On the brink of disruption: facing a new reality

220 Junior Entrepreneurs From 15 Countries Across Europe

JADE Autumn Conference

The JADE Autumn Conference (JAC18) is an international Junior Enterprise event held annually, which convenes Junior Entrepreneurs from across Europe and this year it will be hosted in London by Westminster Business Consultants from the 16th – 18th November. JAC18 is a unique event whose aim is to continue to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship, connect Junior Entrepreneurs and accelerate their professional development. This action-packed weekend provides a unique platform for networking and knowledge sharing, that will help Junior Entrepreneurs to apply innovative thinking to generate new ideas and solve business challenges. This will be achieved through a series of informative workshops, networking events and speeches.

Westminster Business Consultants

Founded in 1995, Westminster Business Consultants is a Junior Enterprise affiliated to the University of Westminster. Being the first and only Junior Enterprise in the UK compliments our position in the market, which allows us to have a diverse base of clientele.